Lawn Drainage Solutions and Wet Basement Remediation

Don’t let your lawn get swamped every time it rains or worry about groundwater infiltrating your basement.
With over three decades of experience Yerardi landscaping is one of Boston’s leading residential lawn drainage experts. We have the expertise needed to identify and correct any lawn drainage problem.


  • Evaluate your property’s drainage patterns
  •  Identify problem areas that don’t allow proper drainage
  •  Design a solution suited to the specific needs of your yard and property
  •  Create a path for excess water to follow
  •  Install a custom drain system
  •  Re-grade as necessary
  •  Where necessary remediate wet basements


A properly designed drainage system will move water where you want it. Our drainage systems typically use one or a combination of the following techniques to keep your home and property dry.


… we had a severe water problem which none of the ”experts” could solve. Ron created a unique and innovative plan, and we have been dry ever since.”
– Dick A., Needham, MA